Serena was a special wild swan who had a wonderful friendship with the author that spanned 15 years. The tragedies and triumphs in the book are largely based on what Lynn observed of Serena’s life.

Serena and Baby Prince

Serena trains Prince for the many life challenges that lay ahead.

Lord Quacksalot with Blondie and Precious

While it’s mostly native birds that appear in the book, this trio is a mixed band, and special friends of Serena.


The purple swamp hen who rules Swamp Hen Island.


The evil swan who would be king.


Serena’s beloved mate.


Serena and Hugh’s ambitious daughter.

A rainbow lorikeet perches in an umbrella tree, watching all the action on the lake below.

Cormorants resting on Swamp Hen Island on their migratory path.

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