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Internationally acclaimed film producer and best-selling author Lynn Santer, enterprisingly sent her first story, The Magical Scarecrow, to a publisher at the tender age of nine years old. Even then, the
publisher recognized her writing skills and encouraged her to write again when she was “a little older”.

After taking her parents’ advice to pursue “a proper career”, Lynn qualified in both finance and law from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the University of Sydney, after her family emigrated from London in 1978. She would not write professionally again until the early 90s when, weary with her career in high finance, her creative brain took control once more. Initially, Lynn wrote, produced and directed short live theatre productions that won a string of awards. She also wrote her first novel Sins of Life (Life Insurance), which ultimately became the number one selling title for its publisher in the UK (1999) and was optioned by Zygi Kamasa (the Kingsman franchise, Olympus has Fallen, The Expendables 2) of Scorpio Productions in Pinewood Studios UK.

Spurred on by her success with Sins of Life, Lynn wrote two more novels in the Sins of Life trilogy and rewrote her first foray in the literary world The Magical Scarecrows (now plural) as a series of children’s books designed to be a philanthropic initiative. This series subsequently gained acceptance worldwide and earned Lynn a nomination for the Pride of Australia medal. See:

She also became a much sought after celebrity biographer. From the early 2000s for the following ten years, Lynn wrote authorized biographies or ghost wrote autobiographies for many notable figures
including a world champion figure skater, the world’s first female rescue helicopter pilot, a cosmically flamboyant psychic often deployed by law enforcement agencies, the former personal pilot of the heinous Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and pioneer of the reality TV series genre, Australian adventurer Alby Mangels. She also became Mangels’ professional manager up until 2015.

By 2001, Lynn’s lifelong passion for the preservation of endangered big cats was asserting itself as the number one priority in her life. Together with Hollywood legend, Tippi Hedren (whom Lynn had met and immediately bonded with in 1999), Lynn organized a glitzy event in the Gold Coast’s Jupiters Casino, an event which became the launching pad for an odyssey over twenty years in the making and
still playing out to this day. See: www.LandOfTheFreeMovie.com. Her first film exposing the brutal truths behind the trophy hunting industry was released in 2021 to international critical acclaim, winning at film festivals all over the world.

Residing on a tranquil lake in the Gold Coast of Australia, which she has transformed into a native wildlife haven, Lynn lives with her buoyant 87 year old mother. From there she pulls the strings of her Hollywood and international teams. This subtropical paradise in idyllic Mermaid Waters has been the inspiration for a brand new animated feature musical project called Swan Song that Lynn is developing with the iconic Priscilla Presley. In advance of the movie, Lynn’s young adult novel of the same name has been released on Amazon.

Swan Song will be Lynn’s third collaboration with Priscilla Presley and musically her third collaboration with the inspirational Mzansi Youth Choir of Soweto. The Mzansi children were plucked
from the slums of Soweto in South Africa, often with no parents, no inside toilet facilities and not enough food to eat daily, who were trained in their God-given gift of music. These colorful children have gone on to receive standing ovations in the Royal Albert Hall London and they have performed with such diverse superstars as Beyoncé to Andrea Bocelli. Their main composer is Grammy Nominated Mauritz Lotz.

Among her other current projects are The Legacy of Gaston Leroux, a bio epic film about the author of Phantom of the Opera (first released as a novella July 2022 as Gaston Leroux – The man behind the man behind the mask) and the second Land of the Free film Land of the Free: Out of the shadows, which had its world premiere in London’s House of Commons June 2022.

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With Hollywood production partner, Emmy nominated director James Ganiere, at the Emmy Awards 2015, in a specially designed “In memory of Cecil” gown.

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